Art: Getting Information and Inspiration from Around the World

One thing that’s crucial for any artist is where to draw inspiration. While some people might find it easy at first (because hey, all they have to do is to look into their loved one’s eyes, and voila, instant inspiration), the truth is that inspiration is usually drawn from some sort of well that eventually runs out of water, so to speak.

When that happens, the question that you’ll probably be burning to ask is this: what is there left to do? Can anything indeed be done when the inspiration has run out? You’re in luck, because yes, something can be done. And that can be summed up in one word: travel.


Top Travel Destinations for Art

Florence, Italy: Despite initial appearances, Florence is no stuck-in-amber Renaissance city, but the fact that it can seem that way speaks to how well-preserved and significant it is from a historical and cultural perspective. In reality, though, it's no surprise Florence takes the top spot, as it strikes a perfect balance between the old and new, masterpiece and modern, from Michelangelo's David to the Gucci Museum.

Paris, France: Hemingway famously called Paris “a moveable feast” for its tendency to stick with you long after you've left. But he may have also been hinting at, how, no matter where you go while in the city, there's always something to see, hear, taste, or feel. Paris doubles as an art history class, offering the very best of the discipline across centuries and styles. Facing so much choice, travelers will be forgiven for skipping the Louvre in favor of quieter moments at Musée Rodin or L'Orangerie.

Kyoto, Japan: This is one exciting Asian destination. You'd be forgiven for thinking Kyoto's nickname, the "City of Ten Thousand Shrines," is an exaggeration. But after a walk through its beautifully preserved streets, you'll quickly be correcting your assumption. While it's hard to nail down the exact number of shrines—new ones seemingly pop up overnight—there are at least 1,600 temples within the city limits.

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Shopping for Art Materials

When you shop for art materials, the one thing that sometimes gets you is the cost. More often than not, it is the high cost of these materials that causes you to shy away from quality and resort to low quality but cheap materials.

Well, if you look at this site, and check out all the promos, you can be sure that you’ll finally have your fill of art materials of excellent quality, without having to worry about damaging your budget. At the end of the day, budget and quality never really needed to be mutually exclusive. You simply have to know where to look.

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    wow I love Tokyo! I hope I can make a journal for my trips. thanks for the tips!

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    Having the inspiration to do anything can sometimes be hard to get by. Most artistic people get their inspiration on the things they see, feel, touch and experience. This can be a little bit metaphysical sounding LOL

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